Last Revised: Monday, 5th of April 2021.

We actively use cookies to help with user experience, improve the quality of our service and how users interact with our website.

When you visit and enter into our website server it will send a cookie directly to your computer. This allows us to recognise the computer but not who is using the computer. We associate the computer with an identification number related to the cookies themselves and can with other customer data (for example when you login-in on our website) link that login to the cookies information that relates to you.

If you proceed beyond this cookies policy page, you will have consented to our cookies settings and understand that you agree to this cookies policy which outlines and clearly explains how we manage and obtain your cookie preferences and choices.

The cookies policy outlines and explains the following:

What are cookies?

What reasons we decide to use cookies?

Controlling and managing your cookies preference

What are cookies?

Cookies are provided to your computer, phone or other device when you visit our website or possibly another website. They are stored and sometimes (not always) used to track information about your use of the website. Some of the cookies that are used by us only last for the duration of your website session and will automatically expire when you decide to close the browser and no longer view our website page. There are other cookies that are used for example when you ask for us to remember your Takeaway Eat login details. This is used for when you want to return to our website and will last for a longer duration.

What reasons do we decide to use cookies?

Cookies we use on are explained in detail below and are based on the International Chamber of Commerce guide for cookie categories.

1. Absolutely necessary cookies

Absolutely necessary cookies enable you to be able to use essential features of our website for example allowing you to be able to make an order through more easily.

The required features on our website allow absolutely necessary cookies so we are able to remember your postcode, other key details and what is located inside your shopping basket while you are able to continue to order products from the website and/or be able to navigate on different areas and pages of our site while using our website. Takeaway Eat can identify when you are logged into our system and we will be able to allow you access to our facilities on this basis to make an order and use all the features that we have available.

On the basis you choose not to accept the cookies terms and conditions, you will not be able to use our website, applications or otherwise for ordering from any of the available takeaways or through any of our provided services and will only be allowed to browse the selection we have on offer.

2. Cookies designed to monitor performance

Performance cookies are implemented to detect and collect information to monitor how you interact and use our website, so we are able to improve the quality of the service we provide to you and our website overall.

The performance cookies will not collect information which may identify you and are not designed to do this. Any information that we collect is completely anonymous and is only used by us to:

● Guide and help us in making improvements to our website, apps or other by measuring
the usage and monitoring and detecting errors which may occur during the user interaction
with our services, website and other platforms.

● Provide usage statistics in relation to how our website is interacted with and used by
consumers and businesses alike.

● Monitor how users come to our website and where they arrived from e.g. using a search
engine, using an advertiser or direct link.

3. Functionality cookies

Functionality cookies are designed and implemented to help improve our website’s functionality and interaction. They are there to help us improve our website making it easier for users and improving the website overall.

Functionality cookies that are used on the website are there to help improve the site’s functionality and ease of access for example while you are browsing the website if you require help and assistance from us it will allow you to access our live chat if you have any issues with orders or ordering from our platform. With these cookies, we may share information with some of our partners to be able to provide services, function or product and strictly not for any other purposes.

4. Target Cookies & Sharing Cookies

The purpose of targeting and sharing cookies is to offer you a very customised user browsing experience. This is done by providing you with internet-based services that you may be interested in on our website or on other websites. Cookies responsible for the customisation of your own browsing experience never receive information from sources other than the IP address you use at the time you browse our website. It is possible for some customised user browser experiences to link to third-party services where these services are provided when the third party recognises you visited By using this information, you could be made aware of either services or products (or both services and products simultaneously) that you may be interested in or services from Takeaway Eat’s third party associates. Cookies could be linked to social networking sites, for example Facebook and Twitter, providing advertising agencies information that is related to your visit to a social networking site. This is so advertising agencies can show adverts to you that you may be interested in. Please visit for further information about online advertising and how you can turn off such features if you wish to do so.

Cookie preferences management

We serve some cookies used on while others are served by other third parties who provide services on behalf of Takeaway Eat. Web browsers usually accept most cookies automatically. You have the option to adjust your web browser settings to reject cookies or to provide you with a notification every time cookies are set. The website contains extra information about cookies and their functionality including how you can block cookies on a variety of different web browsers. Please be aware if you decide to block or delete any cookies that are used on you could be limited when it comes to using our website and its features. The way in which Takeaway Eat uses all personal information you provide us is detailed in our privacy policy. Information cookies capture may or may not contain information that can be used to identify you. We regularly look to make improvements and developments to the ways in which we manage your cookie preferences. Updates may be made to our cookies policy to keep up to date with the latest technological advancements and tools for preference.

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